Stone Cleaning & Sealing

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Surfaces like stone and tile and grout can be porous. This means they can easily absorb dirt, soap scum, oils and other stains which makes them difficult to clean. Over time, moisture can penetrate the tile and grout completely, causing permanent damage such as flaking grout, broken tiles as well as damp in the wall and floor structures underneath. Wet areas can also be dangerous, and lead to accidents.

We care for any type of natural stone and tile surface from marble, granite, terrazzo, limestone, sandstone, bluestone and travertine.

We understand the unique characteristics and structure of different materials and only use high-end materials and the latest technology, following the correct processes to ensure a long-lasting finish.

We offer Adelaide's best tile sealing, grout sealing, stone sealing and non-slip protective coatings across Australia.

Stone Benchtop Restoration

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Our stone benchtop restoration service will breathe new life into your natural stone benchtop as we work on resurfacing the area bringing back that beautiful shine.

We use special diamond tools and quality polishing powders that work to revive and rejuvenate your benchtop. 

If your benchtop has ring marks or stains that just won't budge we'll ensure it undergoes a thorough restoration. Doing this will ensure your kitchen is looking it’s best and will last a lifetime.

Through the application of an Eco-friendly sealer as well as our quality workmanship, you can rest assured you'll be amazed at the end result.

Anti-Slip Solutions

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Slips and falls around the home can cause serious injury every year. If you have a business or commercial premise, you have an added duty of care to provide a safe environment for your employees and customers.

It’s very important to protect yourself, your visitors and your business by investing in an effective non-slip tile treatment.

Our anti-slip treatment is cost effective and quick to apply. It can be applied to many tiled surfaces including glazed porcelain, ceramic tiles, polished granite, terracotta, terrazzo and marble to just name a few. It can be used anywhere and is particularly effective for entrance ways, wet areas, bathrooms, outdoor tiled areas, pathways, ramps and stairways.

The anti-slip tile treatment we use are not coatings and will not peel off over time. They work by causing a chemical reaction on the tile surface that creates friction when the tile gets wet. Best way to describe is the treatment creates little tiny suction caps on top of the tile that stick to anything that comes in contact with the tile.  

The benefits of non-slip treatments include:

  • Eliminates accidents and injuries
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • Quick drying and effective immediately
  • Minimal change to the tile appearance

Don’t leave your family or business vulnerable to accidents, injury or worse!

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Stone Grinding & Polishing

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When it comes time to polish any type of natural stone surface, Mr. Stone Care are the experts! 

We use the latest methods and technology using diamond abrasives and polishing compounds to ensure your natural stone is maintained and returned to a natural smooth finish.

We care for all areas of your home or commercial space such as:

  • Hotel Foyers
  • Stone Kitchen Bench Tops
  • Floor Tiles
  • Stone Bathroom & Shower Area
  • Shopping Centre Floors & Walkways

We use a range of Eco-friendly stone sealers that work with your natural or reconstituted stone and offer full maintenance programs for commercial and residential applications.

Tile & Grout Cleaning

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Clean and beautiful tiled areas add value and enjoyment to any home, but all tiled areas need proper care and attention to look their best.

Even the most expensive products can quickly lose their beauty if they aren’t properly cleaned and sealed. Restoring tiled bathrooms and kitchens is one of the quickest and most cost effective ways to add value and rejuvenate your home.

We use the latest technology and specialist tile cleaning techniques to care for all types of tile products, including marble, granite. terrazzo, travertine, terracotta, limestone and bluestone.

Mr. Stone Care is your tile and grout cleaning restoration specialist. We offer highly professional, reliable and individual services to our clients.

Grout Sealing & Restoration

Sometimes the smallest details can have the biggest impact and this is certainly true of tile grout.

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Stained grout, dirty grout, flaking grout or discoloured grout can ruin the look of tiled surfaces even when the tiles themselves are still in good condition. Thankfully it can be a simple job to renew grout or even re-colour grouted areas to enhance the value and appeal of your tiled areas.

Replacing old grout and sealing new grout gives you the chance to create long-lasting protection against dirt, stains and spills. You can also choose from different coloured grouts.

You’ll be amazed at how this process can change the look of your kitchen, bathroom or patio area. Many designers use this as their secret weapon when they want to change the look of a room quickly and affordably!

High Pressure Cleaning

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Is the exterior of the stone in areas such as your driveway, home, office building  or pool area looking dull? Then high-pressure cleaning is the solution!

Through the use of our quality high-pressure cleaning equipment, we use non-abrasive techniques to bring your property back to outstanding shape. Our high-pressure washing service removes a variety of dirt, stains, debris, moss and mildew.

We cater for both commercial and residential areas and don’t use harmful chemicals, ensuring we reach those difficult spots to get your stone looking as good as new again.